Collars have been a common thing among sexual partners for a long time. There is evidence that they were being worn since the ancient times. The main purpose why they are worn is to show that a person is submissive to the other. This means that they are commonly worn by one of the sexual partners to show submission. A person can wear it without the help of the other but one of the partners can be the one to put it on the other person. The way it is worn can have different meanings and can be interpreted in different ways. This makes it paramount to understand the different things that a collar can signify.


The main thing that a submissive collars show is that the person wearing it is a property of the other person. This means that anyone who sees the person wearing it will know that she is a property of someone else. In this situation the man is the one who does the selection and proceeds to put it on the woman’s neck. This helps a lot in keeping any other men who might think of approaching the woman wearing it away. The person who has put it on the neck of the woman also feels secure because the other people will know that the woman is his property. Click here to read more about nonverbal flirting cues.

Long Term Relationship

Submissive collars can also signify being ready for a long term relationship. When a woman wears it on the neck it can be interpreted that the woman is ready to submit to a long term relationship. This is because it shows that the woman is ready to follow the man and be his long term sexual partner. The fact that the woman has agreed to wear it on her neck indicates that she is ready to do other things that the man might want. In most cases the woman will wear it on her neck without assistance to send a message to the man. When the man sees it he will know that the woman wants the relationship to last for a long time.


Another thing that it signifies is that the woman is sorry for a mistake she had done in the past. The sexual partners might have argued over something and in the end they did not establish who was on the wrong. By wearing a submissive collar the woman is accepting that she was on the wrong and the man was right. It can be termed as an apology and admission of mistake. It also shows that in future there will be no such mistakes because the woman has accepted that the man was and will always be right.


Submissive collars also signify being faithful. This means that the person wearing it is trying to say that she will be faithful at all times. This is important between sexual partners because they need to be faithful to each other. Being faithful is an important aspect and every sexual partner needs assurance from the other partner. Wearing it around the collar is like an oath to always be faithful at all times regardless of what will happen in the future. This makes the relationship stronger because of enhanced faithfulness between the sexual partners.

Open to Suggestions

The submissive collars can also be used to signify that the sexual partner is open to all the suggestions that the other partner might have. The person wearing is not to suggest or complain about anything that the other person will suggest. Instead, she will only listen and obey all the suggestions that the other sexual partner will suggest. This is one of the highest levels of submission where the person wearing it can even remain quiet and just obey what the other person is suggesting. These include the things which might not seem rational in normal circumstances.

Many sexual partners use the submissive collars to signify different things. In most cases they are used as a way of showing obedience and acceptance. The most important thing is to be able to interpret what they mean depending on how they are worn. They come in different designs and sizes where they can have different meanings depending on their designs. But they are worn with an objective of signifying something and to pass a certain message. Therefore, the submissive collars are an ideal way of spicing things up among sexual partners provided they are used in the right manner.