There is a very interesting article that is going around social media lately. It has been spotted on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, as well as many others! The article in question has targeted the famous jewelry company Tiffany & Co. Tiffany has recently been accused of selling slave collars. Slave collars are a popular device that is often worn in the BDSM community. The BDSM Cuffstore marketplace is huge online and very popular among adults in their 30s – they also sell their products: Etsy clamps. The collar indicates that the wearer is in a submissive state or slave state. Due to the popularity of the article Tiffany had to put out a statement saying that they did not produce slave collars in the present or past. The article was not saying that Tiffany is currently selling slave collars but it is saying that many years ago Tiffany sold them. This all stemmed from a photo that went viral on social media. The photo was shared the most on the social media website Facebook. While slave collars are most popular in the BDSM community today. In the past they were also used in actual slavery.

As you can see this can be very troubling for the jewelry company to have to deal with. This is negative press and can ward away many new potential customers due to how viral the article and photo are. To combat this incident Tiffany had to release a statement on all their social media sites stating that never in the company’s 180-year history did they ever produce anything related to slavery. In the photo that went viral there was an old slave collar that had a description saying that it was produced by Tiffany. Fortunately, they could contact the museum and the museum happily removed the description so that it would be accurate. In the beginning of the viral post it was shared over 30,000 times and that number continues to grow today. On top of the piece of jewelry in the viral photo there was a piece of paper that contained the Tiffany logo along with their signature baby blue coloring.

The BDSM community also responded to this incident understandably. This is because they were also affected by it. Most of the BDSM community is trying to bring awareness to the community to the world. They want to be accepted and not looked down upon. Many different social communities in the BDSM world talked about the incident as it brought more awareness to themselves. Many people in social media groups were talking about the BDSM world and shed them in a negative light. To combat this many groups have put out their own statements to change the public’s view.

One community entitled BDSM Awareness is posting about how respectable the community is and how they have many different rules that prevent anything bad from happening. From the outside it may seem very strange but they just want to be accepted. This wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t for the fact that many members wear their BDSM jewelry in public. Because they wear them in public they are often questioned about it and the right thing to do would be to answer the questions honestly. Being shady about it would just bring more negative light to the community in general. With that being said the viral craze about Tiffany has brought a lot of awareness to the  community.